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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CUE

Cue is a digital clean energy concierge for businesses and, later, individuals. Cue enables you to go climate positive and save money on your energy bills by buying off-site clean energy as a group. It’s a powerful, optimization-powered marketplace that enables you to switch to clean energy across a global footprint of 100 countries. Cue scans through global large-scale clean energy projects that provide energy cheaper than the grid does. By doing so, it enables you to purchase from and incentivize the construction of new clean energy projects.

Why should I Join Cue?

Cue is designed to bring everyone access to disruptively low-cost energy. Cue drives savings on your energy bills by providing you direct access to clean energy projects. What’s more, it requires no investment. By joining Cue, you build a climate positive brand and enhance customer loyalty as you drive customers to go green with you. You also accelerate the grid’s transformation to clean energy— a change that will benefit your community and everyone globally.

What advantages do the Cue platform provide?

Cue uses demand and supply aggregation (grouping buyers and grouping slices of energy from projects), and combines it with project optimization to provide disruptively low-cost clean energy. It customizes flexible agreements for Direct Energy, Virtual Energy, and Renewable Energy Certificates. What’s more, Cue uses data analytics to reduce risk and increase transparency in your clean energy buying process.
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