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PV racks and MV transformer stations may be manually moved within the CAD layout using the Move command. Moving equipment will result in an electrical balance of system redesign.

PV racks are generally grouped into sub-blocks within the CAD layout. The grouping is performed within AutoCAD using Blocks. There may be one or more different sub-block blocks within an automatically generated HST layout in AutoCAD.

The most direct way to move racks and MV transformer stations is to move them as blocks. This can be accomplished by selecting the block and using the Move command within AutoCAD. Alternatively, individual racks may be moved by editing the block in place within AutoCAD. This is especially useful for irregularly shaped sub-blocks.

The following rules are enforced:

  1. Equipment may be moved outside of site boundaries or inside exclusion zones without issue.
  2. The maximum string and feeder circuit losses will continue to be enforced. So if equipment is moved far enough apart to exceed the maximum circuit losses, the revised design will result in an error.
  3. Equipment may not be placed on top of other equipment. This will return an error.
  4. Removal or addition of equipment is not allowed. This will return an error.
  5. Modification of the row spacing is allowed but will not be reflected in the energy model. The energy simulation will be performed using the same GCR as the original design.
  6. Rack dimensions may not be edited.
  7. MV transformer stations do not need to be placed along an access road.
  8. Racks do not need to maintain alignment with other racks within the layout.

When the edited drawing is uploaded back into the HST platform, the electrical balance of system will be redesigned around the new equipment positions. Therefore, the connections between different pieces of equipment will be redetermined and the string and feeder circuits will be redesigned based on the new equipment positions.



Access roads and fencing may be edited within the AutoCAD array layout. By default, both access roads and fencing are indicated by a line, are placed within their own AutoCAD block and are placed within their own Roads or Fencing layer in the drawing file.

Roads and Fencing may be removed, added, lengthened or shortened. The total length of access roads and fencing will be reflected in the construction cost estimate.

To edit access roads or fencing:

  1. Turn visibility on within the desired Roads or Fencing layer
  2. Select one of the access roads or perimeter fences, and choose to Edit Block in Place.
  3. Edit the access roads or fence as desired.
  4. Save the changes within the AutoCAD block.
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