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View: Scaling Clean Energy Contracts image

View: Scaling Clean Energy Contracts

Discover how View’s marketplace connects you with landowners and energy buyers to get optimized deals done faster & more profitably


Develop Marketplace: Accelerate your Site Control Agreements

Explore pre-qualified sites to contract with. Sites are pre-optimized on Develop Analyze and screened to have good potential connectivity & offtakers.

Develop Marketplace: Accelerate your Site Control Agreements image
Develop Analyze: Quickly Assess your Project when Factors Inevitably Change image

Develop Analyze: Quickly Assess your Project when Factors Inevitably Change

  • Develop Analyze: Quickly Assess your Project when Factors Inevitably Change Icon 1

    Mitigate risk using technologies and services from trusted partners like DNV & Norton Rose Fulbright directly in View

  • Develop Analyze: Quickly Assess your Project when Factors Inevitably Change Icon 2

    Rapidly evaluate commercial viability with Develop Analyze’s highly integrated analyses, providing results 5x faster than conventional processes

  • Develop Analyze: Quickly Assess your Project when Factors Inevitably Change Icon 3

    Structure contracts by conducting scenario analyses when unexpected shifts in interest rates, interconnection availability, equipment prices and more occur

Originate: Accelerate your Offtake Deals

  • Originate: Accelerate your Offtake Deals Icon 1

    Complete more deals by enhancing your existing originators and processes

  • Originate: Accelerate your Offtake Deals Icon 2

    Receive curated matches of IG buyers to your optimized project

  • Originate: Accelerate your Offtake Deals Icon 3

    Sync your teams’ data in a single platform to streamline project development from the earliest stages to PPA

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Originate: Accelerate your Offtake Deals image

Our Results Say it All

Kelly Snyder image

“My answer is to use
[View® from] HST. On the Origination side, we absolutely need things to go quickly….We want tools that can make it better, faster, quicker to get information to the right people.”

Kelly Snyder

Head of Origination, EDP Renewables NA
Luke Wilkinson image

“View® has allowed my development team to increase the volume of early-stage projects we evaluate. Also, our development engineers are empowered to support the acceleration of site analysis and viable site triage using the platform.”

Luke Wilkinson

SVP Project Development,Silicon Ranch Corp
Vitaly Lee image

“View® has allowed the development teams that I’ve led to dramatically accelerate how many early-stage projects they evaluate, optimize and advance with minimal support from engineering. It’s a force multiplier.”

Vitaly Lee

Head of Development,Hanwha Q Cells USA Corp
Felipe Hernández image

“My FRV development team has used View® over the last few years – it’s delivered both an increase in volume and quality in our early-stage project pipelines. Also, my development engineering team uses View® to increase the velocity of our site optimization and analysis.”

Felipe Hernández

Managing Director,FRV X
Jacob Susman image

“DNV’s capabilities to quantify and reduce risk in the clean energy industry are top-notch… I’m glad they’re backing companies like HST and View® that are at the forefront of digitizing the energy transition.”

Jacob Susman

Clean Economy Entrepreneur,Former EDF VP of Origination, VC, Wind Energy Developer Founder
Kaare Helle image

“We are super excited about this investment and partnership between DNV and HST. Rudy Roy and his team have created a brilliant platform to quickly assess clean energy project’s optimum design and match it with potential off-takers in a PPA.”

Kaare Helle

Venture Director at DNV
Marynes Cabrera image

“Compared to our former processes, View® provides Avangrid with quicker and better initial site analysis and assessment, allowing our developers to evaluate project opportunities quicker, expedite the early stage site analysis and develop more projects.”

Marynes Cabrera

Development Engineering Manager,Avangrid Renewables
Jonathan Botkin image

“View® allowed us to quickly and efficiently go through hundreds of design iterations to determine the configuration of equipment and design parameters that provided the LCOE. As an early adopter of the View® technology, my team was able to get a tremendous amount of work done in a short time.”

Jonathan Botkin

Former VP Engineering and Asset Management E.ON Climate & Renewables (now RWE)
Itai Suez image

“We found that it (View®) brought significant benefits, including project gains of as much as 60 basis points in return from the early development stage search, translating to potentially millions of dollars of additional returns.”

Itai Suez

Former Senior Solar Engineering Manager at EDP Renewables North America
Jesse Pichel image

“View® will surely lower the friction and accelerate utility-scale PV development.”

Jesse Pichel

Managing Director, Investment Banking,Roth Capital Partners
Arun Penmetsa image

“Great to see DNV partner with HST on its mission to transition the global economy to clean energy.”

Arun Penmetsa

Partner at Storm Ventures, Former Oracle and Google
Lucy Craig image

“Looking forward to even closer collaboration with HST and View® in helping our customers accelerate the energy transition!”

Lucy Craig

Director of Growth,Innovation and Digital at DNV

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