We are building a world where the way we work, move, and live is powered by clean energy.

As carbon footprints expand with growing populations and rapid electrification, our digital technology is revolutionizing the way the world develops, sells,and procures clean energy. Our vision for a zero-carbon world drives us to develop software that makes the grid cleaner and more efficient.

Our platform has already helped many top-tier clean energy developers assess, optimize, and build projects that deliver clean energy to power our society.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, HST’s diverse team collectively brings several decades worth of clean energy and software experience. We work collaboratively to reinvent the way we decarbonize this planet with large clean energy projects.

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We do this with one purpose: so that you can live in a world that replaces fossil fuel with clean energy-because clean air should be a human right.

A Letter from our Founders

“As we bring clean energy to one billion more people, we won’t just write a climate story, we’ll write a story of drastically improving public health.”


Our Investors

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