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Inverter Specification

Up to two inverters may be selected for each search. View will find the optimal system design for each inverter and return the results from only the best inverter. Inverters may either be selected from the existing CEC database, the HST Inverter Database (which is a compilation of specs from frequently-used inverter models) or may be created by the user using inverter datasheet information from the manufacturer. It is not currently possible to upload a OND file into HST’s software although this is a feature that is being worked on by SAM and will likely be available in future releases. For a full description of how to select or create an inverter, please refer to the section on Enter Electrical Data.


Inverter Performance Modeling

The Sandia Inverter performance model (as detailed in the SAM user documentation) is utilized as the basis for inverter performance for all HST optimizations within SAM. 

The View platform also is able to simulate the performance impacts of inverter ambient temperature derating and reactive power modeling. When used, these features are simulated at the AC terminals of inverter (after the SAM Inverter Performance Model has run)

Note: the ambient temperature power limits are only available to be specified for User Defined inverters. This is because the CEC maximum power rating is an averaged power rating over varying operating conditions.

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