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The automatically generated array layout can be edited in AutoCAD and uploaded back into the HST platform to regenerate reports. The reports are based on the edited design. However, not every aspect of the layout is editable. In general, only the following may be edited:

  1. The positions of racks
  2. The positions of MV Inverter/Transformer Stations
  3. The positions and lengths of access roads
  4. The positions and lengths of site perimeter fences

User edits to the equipment types, quantities, tilt, azimuth, GCR and DC/AC Ratio within the CAD file will not be correctly translated into the HST Platform and will likely cause an error.

Additionally, the reports are re-generated using the same user inputs as the original design (not the user inputs currently set up within the project). Therefore, the only changes within the output files and reports will be due to the edits made within the CAD file.

Finally, only optimization runs performed after release 1.19.8 (12/20/2017) may be manually revised.

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