Intro to View Originate – Renewable Management Software

Introduction to View Originate is the first in a series of new in-platform training videos for View 2.0 by HST.

At HST we are constantly taking customer feedback and building solutions that make developing and buying clean energy faster and easier than ever. To help you find and understand the newest features of the recently updated View® 2.0 developer platform, we will be adding video tutorials directly into the user interface. This introduction to the Originate workflow is the first sneak-peek for what to expect. Many more to come soon!

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A transcript of the training video is provided below. Let us know what you think in the comments section below or email

Welcome to View 2.0. Let’s go into the Originate Flow to find more PPAs through the View platform.

  1. Click “Add Project” to enter a Project Name and exact Project Latitude and Longitude (preferably).
  2. Upload a Google Earth KML and really see where you’re going to Originate your energy from.
  3. Click “Auto-Run” to initiate the search engine and View 2.0 will show you what your site could look like as you start putting in commercial terms.
  4. You’ll see a preview of the site with PV equipment laid-out on it in real-time based your inputs.
  5. Choose your minimum PPA term, determine the bid price for the various durations, look at how your bid price stacks up against other prices that have been submitted to View 2.0 and then go ahead and originate contracts.
  6. Choose a specific View 2.0 search to Originate from to set bid prices, your company’s credit rating, a minimum credit rating for buyers that you’re looking to match with. Here you can also designate the contract type, delivery point, hub name, target Commercial Operation Date, Guaranteed Commercial Operation Date, and then you can hit “Begin Sourcing” to make it an eligible project for the Cue® procurement software to match with.
  7. You can download a standard PPA, redline it, and upload your edits.
  8. You can look at matched buyers as they show up and use the RFP Response feature to select one of your View 2.0 searches to submit a proposal bid directly through the platform.