A Fresh Start: Reaffirming HST’s Clean Energy Commitment

We are excited to share the most significant change to our brand to date. We revamped our website and logo to signify and reaffirm our commitment to advancing the energy transition by scaling clean energy development.

HST has always focused on creating technology that improves solar farm development with the goal of decarbonizing our power grids. Our first logo represented solar panels moving to optimize clean energy project returns. Launched in 2016, our View® platform has helped clean energy developers accelerate their solar project development processes. Since then, the world has changed and accordingly so has View®. Renewable energy is needed both to decarbonize the existing supply and to meet additional demand, especially as governments set ambitious renewable energy targets and consumers increasingly choose electrification. To support faster and easier renewable energy development, View® has evolved to connect clean energy developers to landowners and energy buyers through its marketplaces for sites and PPAs. The View® platform provides curated matches through our partner network to drive faster contract execution and an unmatched feasibility analysis that improves the odds of project success.

The design of our new logo is inspired by two things:

  • The outer dots represent the electrons orbiting the nucleus of the atom.
  • The circles and connections between them convey a network signifying the expansion of our platform’s services and the marketplace we have created.

Simultaneously, we recently launched our new website design with a lighter color palette to represent our hope for a brighter future. Check out our website (www.hstpowers.com) and look for further updates on our LinkedIn.

While our website and logo have changed, our commitment to the world’s clean energy future remains steadfast. As our platform increases the quality and quantity of clean energy projects, that vision becomes more real daily. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for continuing to revolutionize the clean energy industry with us.